Weaning toddler from nursing success story

If you are here because you want to wean your baby off stay tuned because I will share my experience and my best tips that I wish someone shared with me before starting the process.

Personal story
That one morning changed our lives forever!

I was scared of a though to wean my daughter off thinking that I will be one of those moms who are stuck breastfeed their 5 yro. WHY? She will starve if I wean her off! She would not take a bottle even if my milk is in it. She wont take finger foods, even if its sweets.

She was very pocky, she only liked macaronis that were freshly made, if they’re a bit older she will give them back. Even after she finally had a little bit of the meal I made, I would still breastfeed her to “complete” her meal.

I was tired of being a pacifier and making lactation cookies for almost 2 years.  (  I started making them when my milk supply went down, when I was 7 months postpartum)

I successfully weaned her off at night for almost 3 weeks then failed and started breastfeeding night time again. Why? Her daddy was helping and he had to go on a trip.

How did I wean her off?

She turned 2 I really wanted to wean her off. So one morning I woke up and I simply decided to put a bandage on my nipple to see how it goes.  I was sitting on the sofa and there she comes pulling on my shirt “Yumma-Yumma”. I pulled my shirt down, showed her the bandage and she paused! She looked at me like “are you kidding me?!’. She tried to pull it off but I said ” Ouch, Ouuuch” with a puppy face -the one she makes for me all the time.

Then I demonstrated it for her, trying to pull it off,- its “ouchy” cant get it off! Just like that, she walked away! Suspicious, but still walked away.
I expected her to scream and cry, trying to grab it off, but instead she acted as if she understood my pain like “mamas in pain I will leave her alone…but I will come back for that boob, and I will keep coming back, that bandage better be gone soon” lol

That day I fed her anything and everything I had. I put out finger food everywhere, in case she gets hungry. I took all of her sippy cups and cute bottles I had, and filled them with juices and water. She helped her self.

I will be honest with you I think it was harder for me then it was for her because I knew whats going on and she didnt. The hard part was that we were alone, I dont suggest trying this out when you family is not home, you need distraction. The more people are in ur house the better.
When she cames for breastfeeding, she would see the bandage, turn around and lay in my arms.
I made sure I was there for her, I didnt want her to think that she lost mommy time with breastfeeding. Id play with her hair and rock her, kiss her, cuddle her as long as she wanted me to, until she decided that she has better things to do. I did this religiously. I dropped everything to cuddle her so she doesn’t feel like I left her.

That first day the biggest problem was that she did not know how to fall asleep without nursing. She tried to fall asleep from 5 pm to 10pm. It was hard to watch her tired like that. She wouldnt let me rock her on the pillow like she lets her daddy, so it was very hard to put her to sleep for 2 weeks. She lets her daddy rock her on a pillow but he wasnt always home. A month later she was fine falling asleep on her own, or letting me rock her on the pillow. Sometimes she would come to me, hold my hand on her face and fall asleep like that.

Here are my BEST tips for weaning your baby off (things I wish I knew before starting it):

-Prepare ahead of time. You need pretty bottles, and sippy cups. Alternate them with different organic juices, use one sippy cup only for water.

-Buy lots of fruits, or veggies that ur baby likes.

-Get snacks, crackers, baby foods, smoothies ..ect  so that way they are full and dont think about your mamas 😉

-Get your family involved, try to have play dates, or invite people over, so your baby is distracted in this progress. Stay strong and talk about it, if you need help, ask for it.

-Get a new toy, a distraction that will keep your toddler busy. (We bought blocks at Burlington and it has been a hit for several weeks. We built things, she breaks it, we laugh, repeat! lol We are getting the big blocks from amazon next.

Some women say start by isolating one feeding at the time, but I didnt feel like thats necessary in this case. I just decided to stop breastfeeding all at once, and it worked out for us this way. You do what you think is best and the easiest for you. Once you make that decision dont give in, stay strong mamma!

Breast pain
-Cabbage leafs are your best friend.
The first nigh I woke up and my left side was hurting, so I breastfed her when she was deep asleep, she never knew. Two nights later my right side was hurting so I breastfed her again. I though she would remember but she didnt, score! Four nights later I waited for her to deeply fall asleep so I can breastfeed her, but guess what? Someone forgot how to properly latch on! She first bit me bad, then she went bananas on my nipple, good thing I had nipple cream close by because I couldn’t fall asleep from nipple pain. I never breastfed after that.

Did she wake up at night?
-Oh you betcha! Id cuddle her, when she cried Id hug her, rock her, love her, as long as she knew that I was there for her.

First night before falling asleep was the first night she actually cried and pulled on my shirt, she was really mad at me, and resisted my hugs, but i rubbed her back, and legs this would always put her back to sleep. Next night she woke up only 2 times, she knew the routine and soon went back to sleep.

Here are some of the things that changed since I weaned her off:
-she helps her self with broccoli and other healthy things that I put out on table for her
– we sleep through the nigh (instead of waking up 2-5 times, how’ba dah?)
-we cuddle all the time, and I love it so much, she kisses me more offten
-when she falls asleep, I put her down and I slide out like a wind ( she used to grab on my shirt and well u know the rest)
-Shes not overly attached anymore, she lets me breath in another room
– I can leave her at my mothers house without worrying if I left enough milk or having to rush back
-she sleeps independently longer during the day time too
-she says Ouch when someones bothering her lol since I kept saying ouch when she pulls on my shirt

That was my journey and am glad its over, but am so proud of myself for breastfeeding for 2 years, I really wanted to give my baby the best of me. I hope you found at least one useful thing for yourself, remember, every baby is different so this might not work with your baby. Let me know if you found my post useful and what worked for you. If you have any questions I would be happy to help.

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