Postpartum, 3 Simple ways to Lose Weight Without a Workout

Having a baby is exhausting enough as it is. Right after you have a baby you will be pushed to start working out and getting back into tha “shape”. As a new mother this should be the last thing on our list. After giving birth, we go through so much, I say take a break. There are easier ways to loose weight, and we will talk about it,  right now your job is to enjoy motherhood.

Forget about that Instagram picture you saw. That gorgeous mommy working out with a newborn in her hands, instead picture this: Shes sitting on the sofa with her legs up, sipping on fruity tea while reading her favorite book, with a massive smile on her face, all while her baby is sound asleep next to her.

Every women’s body takes on pregnancy differently. Some of us give birth and look like we never had a baby, so we share a picture or two to brag about how fast we lost our baby belly. We get likes and feel good about ourselves, but forget to think about the other mommies who have hard time loosing weight. We are not motivating anybody, instead we are putting immense pressure on each other to look a certain way.

When my sister had a baby our neighbors asked where did we get the baby from. They were confused because she never looked pregnant from the beginning. When she was 9 months, her belly looked like your regular bloated belly. So most of the time is generics! If she posted a picture on instagram doing push ups, you would of assumed that she is one hard working mom who just gave birth and worked out a lot to loose all of her baby weight in few months. Then you’d start telling yourself, you need to get going too.

Forget the baby blues, postpartum depression, and all other problems, you now have a bigger problem, -loosing weight! Because, right after you give birth, you need to look like you never gave birth.

We are pressured into loosing our tiger stripes, as if we never even earned them. But we did, we earned them the hard way and we should be proud of them.

Accept your self the way you are right now. Give yourself time to bounce back. Don’t rush it while ur baby is still few months, or years old. This period of your life is about you and your baby, so enjoy this time with your baby. You will have time for everything else later, I promise.

Stop looking at other moms who look like models, they are also struggling with something too, maybe its worse then you and i, trying to loose weight and look as good as them. Not everything is about looks, even though it seems to be that way these days. Dont try to look like you are not a mother when you have the most amazing title in the world. It happened, you cant hide it, LOVE IT!

Now that I got that our of my mind, heres….

Here are 3 simple ways to loose weight:

  1. Eat homemade food ( this way you have control of what you are eating )

  2. Prepare ahead of time (before hunger or cravings kick in)

  3. Right healthy food combination. Meaning:

  • You dont have to count calories
  • You dont have to give up your favorite bite
  • You dont have to cut your meals

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well its possible! Let me tell you more about it.
All you got to do is combine your food properly. Combine well when ever you can, and remember the more you practice proper food pairing, the better your results will be.

  • Dont mix together
    -Different proteins
    -Proteins and starches
  • Do mix together
    -Proteins and vegetables
    -Starches with vegetables
    -Different kinds of starches
    -Fruits and raw greens
  • Wait 3,4 hours before switching categories. Its not only what we eat that matters, or food combination, what matters even more is the ORDER we eat our food. The lighter foods should be eaten first because they are quickest to break down.. Eat your fruits on empty stomach.  Because fruits are out of your stomach in 20-30 minutes.

The speed of breaking down the foods digestion is important for loosing weight and also fighting aging because the cause of aging is acidic sludge in the body which slows down ur energy. Starting from FAST to SLOW, this is the speed of breaking down the food

Vegetables (non-starchy)

The lighter the food, the faster it will be broken down which means you will have more energy. Try to keep that in mind before eating.
Proteins take hours to break down thats why you should eat them last at the end of the day.
Also sipping on hot tea, or hot soup helps breaking down food faster. Drinking water during meal will slow things down.
Avoid drinking soda because you get no nutrition out of it. Soda is the most acid-forming of all foods, which is not even a food because its a collection of acidic chemicals.




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  1. I totally agree that moms should give themselves a break and focus on health and bonding, rather than getting skinny right away. Great, doable tips that won’t add more stress to a new mom.

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