How to buy a gift for anyone


Express Your Emotions Throught gifts

Sometimes we just dont know what to get people anymore, because it seems like they have everything, am I right?

 Well they dont! They dont have that one thing ur about to come up with. These 10 questions will help you get there.

1. How important is this person to me?

2. How much money am I willing to spend? (good to know in case you have leftover money u get more things 😉 )

3. Does my someone have a collection?

4. Did they give me a hint that they -need- something? ( pay special attention to what this someone talks about before their birthday for instance, they might give you a clue

5. What is his/hers hobby? What are they passionate about, and can talk abt it for hours?

6. Whats the first -thing- that comes to my mind when I think of him/her?

7. The place he/she hasn’t been to in a long time..?

8. What is their favorite: -movie, -brand of clothes, -music singer, -book, – cookies, -accessory, restaurant?

9. What is my favorite memory of us? You could remind them with a personalized bracelet, poster, pic in frame…ect)

10. Something he/she always wanted to have..?

NOTE In case you got more then 1 gift, you can also make a MAP with clues, where you left all of the presents. Depending on an occasion of course.

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If you still havent figured it out, here are some more gift sugestions  (mixed occasions):

  • What evers on sale! (lol no!)
  • Thanks a “latte” card with a personal note and gift card to their favorite coffee shop
  • Jar full of “Remember when” personal quotes and stories
  • Beautiful congrats card, with 2 movie tickets (wink 😉 )
  • Gift Card to their favorite store (least fav)
  • Edibles (with their favorite fruit)
  • Perfume
  • Customized gift basket
  • Unforgettable dinner that you cooked
  • Personalized cake that you made. I am watching you! You can do it.


Here are some more tips. This is a list of things that mostly everyone enjoys unwrapping/ getting.

– Make them laugh (Theres many ways to make prople laugh, depending on a person. Funny cookie, silly card, something unexpected out of nowhere…ect)

– Make it romantic, or bromantic. ( drive them to destination to give them a present, or even better fly to destination to give them a present and a gift of experience) This is why its good to know the answer to question #2 above)

Surprise party ( need I say more?)

-Unexpected present ( Make it seem like they are getting a crapy present, or nothing at all, because chances are “Oh its fine, I don’t need anything” happened, then boom, give them an amazing personalized gift that they will treasure forever -pssst my personal favorite.

-Multiple gifts, packed individually (First give less important, a bit boring one, then save the good one for the end, HIDE THE CAMERA, ur going to love to re-see those facial expressions especially when they open the first- boring one .

-Investigate ( Discover their wish list for their fav store, even Amazon. 

ps. Dont forget to PACK IT nicely

The longest time I spent making a gift was a week. It was for my hubbys birthday. Every day after school I would go to a different store and get different gifts. I placed it nicely in a big gift basket. All he knew is that I was doing a “project” for his birthday, so he thought that I was making him a scrap book lol

When he recived the gift basket, he was really surprised and happy.

Seeing him smile like that, I was happier then him.

Giving Gift : boy giving rose for his little girlfriend isolated on white Stock Photo

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. Pierre Corneille


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