Food Combining Weight Loss Secret

Eat Healthy!  But what does eating healthy actually mean to you? Avoiding gluten, sweets, diary, wheat or something else you and I heard is bad? Theres so many diet plans calorie counting, scheduled eating, today that you just dont know which one is right for you. But there is one thing most food planers seems to forget to mention: PROPER FOOD COMBINATION! We have been trying to eat healthy but forgot the main thing about food. To combine it property! But how?

Reading a book by Nicole Snyder The Beauty Detox Solution  changed my life. I thought I’d share with you some of the things I learned. It was a brand new life transforming information that everyone should learn about once in their lifetime.

My search was over. I found what I was looking for.

Lets get back to the main question: What is considered proper food combination?

Belive it or not more then a half of energy goes into digesting foods. Healthy food combination will help your digestion so that way your digestive tract does not have to work so hard to give you the nutrients you need for your body.

Healthy Food Pairing will help you loose weight and keep it off, what you will gain is energy.

The best part is that you dont have to give up any of your favorite foods, or cut your meals, you just dont eat them all at the same time.


The more you practice proper food pairing the better your results will be you will not gain weight, and you will have more energy.

Heres how to do it:

  • Dont mix together
    -Different proteins
    -Proteins and starches
  • Do mix together
    -Proteins and vegetables
    -Starches with vegetables
    -Different kinds of starches
    -Fruits and raw greens

Wait 3,4 hours before switching categories.

Now this next thing matters even more then proper food combination.

Its the ORDER we eat our foods. The lighter foods should be eaten first because they are quickest to break down. Thats one of the reasons why we should eat fruits on empty stomach.

Fruits are out of your stomach in 20-30 mins. You dont want to eat heavy meal then eat fruit and let it sit there and rot in you belly while waiting for its turn to get digested.

By the time your digestive system starts working on it, chances are its fermented and lost some of its nutrition.

The speed of breaking down the food is important for loosing weight and also fighting aging. One cause of aging is acidic sludge in the body which slows down ur energy.

Starting from FAST to SLOW, this is the speed of breaking down the food

Vegetables (non-starchy)

The lighter the food, the faster it will be broken down which means you will have more energy.

Proteins take hours to break down thats why you should eat them last at the end of the day.
Also sipping on hot tea, or hot soup helps to break down food faster. Drinking water during meal will slow things down.
Avoid drinking soda because you get no nutrition out of it. Soda is the most acid-forming of all foods, which is not even a food because its a collection of acidic chemicals.

Now all of this information might be new to you and you might think like: What do I eat now? Well this should actually make things easier for you as it did for me.

I have been practicing this for a year now and it has changed my life, I love it.

I have so much more energy now, and even tho I still over eat sometimes I dont feel bloated or drained after meals.


Kimberly Snyder goes way beyond this in her book. If you are looking to get healthier and loose weight then The Beauty Detox Solution is for you, read it now and thank me later ;-).  




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      You are welcome. Yes, you are right. I just love the fact that there are no calories counting involved, you eat as much as you want. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. That’s a great idea, eating the lighter foods first to make digestion easier. I never actually thought of that before. One thing that I had never heard of is not mixing proteins and starches. I mean, I used to eat potatoes with all of my meats!

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  2. This is so interesting. I had no idea that eating food in a certain order helps your energy levels and weight loss milestones. These healthy food pairing tips are so helpful.

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