Dairy Free Survival Kit, Personal Story

That’s right “survival” is the right word to use. At least that’s the word that came to my mind when I thought of going dairy free. I thought that am actually giving up food, I mean milk is in everything, how will I ever survive? I am a Bosnian, we cook everything and anything with milk, its like water for us.

If you’re here because you are going dairy free for any reason, worry not, I got you covered. I will share everything that I wish I knew 3 years ago when I went dairy free.

First things first, you gotta sub cows milk for protein-based milk. You might need to try several kinds before deciding which one is right for your taste buds. Take it slow, chose the milk that is closest to cows and has the least flavor. I recommend trying Cashew, Soy, and Rice Milk because its the closest to what we are used to. You don’t want to jump to Coconut milk or Almond milk straight away since it does have strong flavorful. Then again, it all depends on the person. If Coconut milk works for you then good, go for it.
Here’s the list of different plant-based proteins to choose from:

Dairy alternatives

-Almond Milk
-Cashew Milk
-Rice Milk
-Coconut Milk
-Hemp Milk
-Soy Milk
-Flax Milk
-Hazelnut Milk
-Quinoa Milk
-Oat Milk
-Macadamia Nut Milk

I know what your thinking: All those kinds of milk exists? lol, Yap! These days you can milk anything. Hold on, that sounds wrong, but you get the point.

Whats the healthiest plant-based milk? -the one you make at home

Lucky You

If you decide to go dairy free, I have to say, you are lucky, this is the right time. There have never been so many dairy-free choices to chose from. Almond milk is everywhere now. You got different kinds of great tasting ice creams, all kinds of healthy vegan cheeses and butter that even people who consume cows milk like to eat.

Will you miss cows milk?

Depends on why you are isolating it out of your diet, but most likely no. First few months are hard, but when you get to a year then you won’t be able to tell difference. I write from my own experience. I still sometimes ask my hubby to taste my Starbucks to make sure that it is almond milk because to me it tastes like its cows’ milk! I don’t miss cows milk at all, and I love the way I feel. I really feel diary “free” lol

What will happen to your body if you go dairy free?
Every year more people deciding to go dairy free because of health reasons. If one of your reasons is to lose weight then you are on the right track. Many people reported that they lost weight when isolating diary out of their diet. Although I gave up dairy for a different reason, I, too, lost weight.

This is what happens to your body when you give up dairy (things people reported):

-Your skin clears up (depending on your skin condition)
-You feel less bloated
-Your digestion should improve
-You’ll strengthen your bones (Don’t argue with me on that one. I read few books, you do your own research. According to a 2014 study in the British Medical Journal. Researchers found that the more milk people drank, the more likely they were to suffer hip fractures.
-Less risk for diabetes

Calcium deficiency?

Don’t worry, you do not rely on cows milk for calcium. There are plenty of plants that provide calcium even more then cows milk.

Now let us discuss the best part.

What about mayo, desserts, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, cookies, cakes and other must-haves that you have to give up with dairy???

Fear not! There are dairy alternatives for everything I mentioned above, even more. One of the best chocolates I have ever had was the vegan one.
There are some of my favorite brands that offer super delicious dairy-free goodies:
-So-Delicious ( love their yogurt, and icecreams)
-Simply Organic
-Enjoy life ( their chocolate!)
-Loving Earth (the best chocolate ever)

Personal story

Why did I decide to go down that road (dairy free)?

That one morning in the hospital changed my life. I just had my daughter, one of the best days of my life. Next morning I felt like I deserve a Starbucks for all my hard work, good old White Mocha will be a great morning starter. Little did I know that this will be my last one. I breastfed my daughter after, so later that day she threw up so much that she started choking, my husband ran out to call the nurse. They all gathered around her and this brought some memories back, I remembered the struggle with my son. Here is the story about my firstborn son: Lactose Intolerant symptoms in babies, Personal terrifying story

He was lactose intolerant which means that even breastfeeding has to be dairy free or he will keep throwing up.
That was it. I made up my mind, didn’t even take another sip of my White Mocha. NO MORE MILK I said!
I had my favorite food after delivery, Cheese pie which made my daughter throw up now, but the white mocha I expected in about 12 hours, which happened the next day. After a week of avoiding all dairy products, she started sleeping better.

How going diary-free made me feel?

Let’s see. Ever had your wisdom tooth taken out, and felt like you are starving while only consuming liquid? That’s how it felt for me for the first few days (2 years ago) There were not many options back then. I was someone who was addicted to Starbucks, 🍕 pizzas, and cakes. Giving up all that I felt as if I was dropped at desert alone, there was nothing to eat because all my fave foods HAVE DIARY in it! Even tho this meant starvation for me, I was up for it because I wanted to breastfeed my daughter and give her the best I can. Every time I would see temptation in front of me, my love for my daughter would win. Even when my husband puts Nutella, or my fav chocolate under my nose to bug me. Bastard! lol


At first, my hubby didn’t believe that me eating diary had anything to do with our baby puking and choking, so I had to prove it to him few times until he finally believed me. The last “test” where he actually realized that our baby is puking because of me consuming dairy, was fun. As he was enjoying his delicious ice cream (the car smelled amazing) I ate about 4 spoons out of his cup and told him that our daughter will throw up the next morning. Lucky for me he played with her in the morning and she puked all over him, I loved it! He finally admitted that I was right and from now on he will leave me alone.

My fam and friends also had a hard time believing me, but I didn’t care much. This is my baby, people will say their opinions, but am the one who knows exactly what she needs so I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. Il tell you whats up, you don’t believe it, your problem. I do like sharing my story just to reach other people who might come across this problem in future, because doctors didn’t point this out to me, a friend did. Yes, after sharing my story, few of my friends also realized that their babies were lactose intolerant.

Finally, I was done with breastfeeding, gimme some chocolates, cakes, and ice cream please! (or so I thought)

So I breastfeed her for 2 years and I figured I was finally free to eat whatever I want! I yelled Freeeedooome and started eating diary-like there’s no tomorrow. I got a rash all over my face! Yap, now am allergic to dairy. At least I already learned how to live dairy free, and I turned all of my fav recipes into dairy-free anyways. I have to mention that even if I wasn’t allergic to dairy, after reading more about dairy I figured its not for me to consume I would have given it up anyway. Do your own research, please.

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  1. I used to be a vegan several years ago, and even now prefer raw fruit to meat. Enjoyed the read! Thanks for sharing this anazing piece of information!

  2. I can survive this, i’m not a vegan but I eat most veggies and when it cones to milk we hardly ever use fresh milk because it so expensive (for real) but then again I eat a lot of chocolate bars

  3. I love milk alternatives. I find that almond milk is the most neutral on the market and I really love it. Besides there is always a discount somewhere in Tesco or else so you can always get some stock for cheap enough.


  4. Thanks for telling us your story. I’m trying to leave dairy. But, it’s difficult. Everything available in the market has milk as an ingredient. I’m trying to make coconut milk at home. Hope I will be able to do it.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. I am attempting to remove dairy from mine and my toddler’s diet as it seems to be causing both os some gut issues. It’s hard though!!! I just love cheese and yogurt so much!

    1. Post

      Yeah, it’s though at beginning but gets better later. There are many diary free options for cheese and yogurt. So delicious brand is my fav. give it a try.

  6. I am vegan myself. I have done a lot of research about being vegan. Since I was young, I was allergic to dairy. I didn’t know this for a while, I just knew that I never liked ice cream like other kids and I always got a tummy ache when eating any dairy products. I have been vegan for a while now. I adore Almond Milk. I feel like I have found so many ways of eating vegan. I can go to any restaurant and I always am able to find something to eat!

    1. Post

      Hey! Yes, same here. I haven’t used the word but I am vegan too. I find myself ordering chicken just to prove to my hubby that am not vegan, and then end up not eating it lol. I cant enjoy it, I wanna b 1 less person who will not consume beautiful animals. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story ❤!

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