Lactose intolerant symptoms in babys, Personal terrifying story

Lactose intolerance is a digestive condition that can not be treated. If you are concerned that your baby is lactose intolerance check out the list bellow for symptoms that happen after feedings. If you are breastfeeding lactose intolerant baby, you will have to stop consuming cows milk as well.

-Throwing up
-Diarrhea and bad diaper rashes
-Gases and bloating
-Abdominal cramping
NOTE Lactose intolerant newborn babys will throw up few hours after breastfeeding. Once they get older (18+, m) they stop throwing up and have diarrhea instead.

Personal story
I sleep deprived and depressed new mom! My newborn baby was throwing up every time I would breastfeed him and nobody knew what was wrong with him. It felt like every week for 2 months I was at the docs because of this. We even did ex ray as he was swallowing my milk, but everything seem to be fine.

My mother in law suggested that something is wrong with my milk because that was the only thing he was consuming.
Nights were very scary for me because he would throw up and if i didnt hear him so he would start choking. I slept with one eye open, or did I even sleep? His breath would wake me up multiple times at night, and sometimes he was fine but sometimes he wasn’t. I had blue bulb syringes all over his bed, and one next to me so I can grab it when I get up. I was scared to go anywhere without those little suckers.

I will never forget the day when I was alone home with him. Same old, he threw up while I wasn’t looking and he started choking. I lift him up and this time I thought that it was the last time I will get to hold his little body and he would never take another breath again. He wasnt breathing! I held him and asked God to either take him, or bring him back I cant take this anymore. Thank God, he started breathing again, and how? I have no idea. I called my husband, he came home quickly and we took him to the hospital where they said nothing was wrong with my son. I think the hardest time was when he stopped breathing and turned blue, my husband performed CPR on him and he finally started breathing again. This was terrifying for us. Nobody understood what we were going through, what I was going through as a new mom. I wished my family was closer to me, I needed my mom so bad.

The only time I would sleep is when we were at the hospital. Nurses were around so I felt more comfortable sleeping because he was being watched.
All of this could of been avoided if I only knew what I know today, that he was LACTOSE INTOLERANT.

I did what I had to do, I stopped breastfeeding him and started pumping and throwing my milk away. Only moms knows the pain of pumping then throwing away! I had so much breast milk, my doctor said I could of fed the whole hospital. This was 10 years ago, I could still cry right now remembering the milk I threw away.

I really wanted to breastfeed my baby. He was my first born, I wanted to give him the best of me. Some women kept telling me to drink more cows milk “Its good for you and ur newborn” so I did it, which explains why he was throwing up so much. Baby formulas contain a small percent of cows milk too, his belly was constantly upset, but at least he was not throwing up as much.

Eight years later I had my daughter Nour. Same thing happened! She started throwing up so much shed start choking. Doctors said its normal, people said its a baby thing, but luckily my friend told me that her son was throwing up and his doc told her that her baby is lactose intolerant to isolate milk out of her diet if she wants to keep breastfeeding.

Once I ditched the milk, my daughter was fine. I breastfed her for 2 years and I am so happy I did. I still feel guilty because I couldn’t breastfeed my first born, but at least I made it with my second.


What helped with her upset stomach?
There were times when my daughter had gases, and abdominal cramps even tho i didn’t consume milk. I started taking probiotics and this helped her belly so much. Probiotics that I was taking were of course diary free. They really upset my tummy, but I kept taking them for her. Later I found out about other brands that are diary free, so I switched.

If you have similar story to share,  I would love to read it.

Notice If your baby has a reflex or is randomly throwing up for any reason elevate his bed, and buy one of those see through cribs. Don’t leave him/her out of your sight alone.


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