I did this with my bubbs and I already know this activity is fun that’s why I am sharing with you. Its something we started two years ago, and we regret not doing this since the beginning of our marriage. Although its never too late to start.

I am so excited to share this with you guys.

You will have lots of fun and treasure it forever.

Are you ready?
-Its a video you two lovebirds talking to your future selves on the same day next year (on your anniversary, or Valentine’s day) It might not sound that fun until you hit that record button.
You are going to talk about this year and discuss how you stay close to each other. Something worth sharing with your future selves. You both get a turn.

You might be surprised how many things change in only one year, and how quickly we forget it. You are gonna want to see this later, trust me. Wait, there are rules!

The rules are you can NOT watch this video again until your next anniversary. Just after you record another video, you get to watch the video of the previous year. How fun?
Its funny, silly, exciting and surprising because you forget things you did last year, and you forget what you talked about.

So this is what you do:

On anniversary/ Valentine’s night, after gifts, dates or what ever you did, this is the last thing you do.
You two lovebirds put a camera in front of you, and each answer these questions about yourself or about each other. Take your time and have fun with this, send your future self a message, remind yourselves of how much you love each other.

Here are the questions you each get to answer:

  1. How was your day today, what did you do together?
  2. What is happening in your life right now?
  3. What do you do to stay close to each other?
  4. What do you wish you did more this year?
  5. What was the biggest challenge you faced this year?
  6. What was your favorite memory together this year?
  7. What are you planning on achieving this year, your main goals?
  8. Any regrets this year?
  9. What are you thankful for?
  10. Kids talk.
  11. Advice for your future self.
  12. Advice for your partner… be nice! (evil smiley)

These questions felt perfect to us on our anniversary, but if you want you can change to your liking. 😉 Let me know if you do this with your partner and contact me if you want me to share your video on this page.

Have FUN!

As I mentioned my hubby and I did this and let me tell ya it was interesting, we had a blast watching us from the past, as we were referring to us as “peeps from future” lol. We are in the future in a way. We can never go back to re-record the video again, but I wish we recorded one every year. Time flies, you gotta keep a truck of it or have some kind of reminder that you are “growing”.

Its funny to me that I actually repeated some things that I did 2 years ago in the vid. My hubby gave himself the same exact advice not knowing that when we watch the video he will see them again. Hes not a good listener of himself, he needs to take his own advices, juss saying.
Life can change so much in 1 year, and this is a perfect little way of keeping a track of ur life together.


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      You are right. Watching our vid was hilarious. He had the most fun coz he cracked some jokes on my account. Am gonna get him next round!

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      Oh my, Congratulations! Imagine if you started it 25 years ago, wouldn’t it b cool to watch it all together? Well its never too late, maybe it will be even more fun making it now 😉

  1. Very cute and creative idea. We are always trying to plan in advance our anniversary trip/vacation. This is something thoughtful and different to add to the celebration.

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